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'Bye 'Bye Blues:  6 Get Happy Strategies

1.  Keep yourself busy:  Don't look at it as being "stuck inside".  Get excited about the opportunity to work on some craft projects or chip away at things around the house that you normally don't have time to get to. Scrapbooking, organizing your home office area, updating your planner, and freshening up bedrooms are all good ways to keep your hands busy and your brain active!

2.  Get enough sleep: Lower activity levels during the winter months can leave you feeling sluggish.  If you're not getting enough sleep on top of that, your body has to work that much harder to function the way it should.  Pay attention to keeping a good sleep routine...get at least 6 hours every night (8 would be better) and try to go to bed and wake up at the same times.  Consistency is key to keeping your body rhythm on track.

3.  Eat well:  Again, consistency is key here.  Food is your fuel.  Give your body and brain a healthy, steady supply throughout the day so that all systems can stay on a strong, even level.  For many of us, eating five or six smaller, healthy meals throughout the day is more effective in providing increased energy.  (Breakfast, mid-morning snack, Lunch, mid-afternoon snack, Dinner, mid-evening snack).  Watch portions!

4.  Drink water:  Don't just carry a water bottle around and sip from it throughout the day. Drink the water. Mild dehydration is common and dehydration can cause fatigue, aches and pains including headache, and muscle cramps. 

5.  Take your vitamins:  Look for an uncoated variety which will dissolve better in your system.  You should take one every day.  Especially in the winter, to combat winter blues, pay attention to the amount of Vitamin D and a B complex vitamin.  Both can help to regulate your mood.  

6.  Move:  Physical activity has been shown to be just as effective as any pill in lifting your spirits.  Walking, lifting light weights, even dancing work very quickly to send a signal to the brain to release feel-good endorphins.  


Welcome Dr. Bridget Chufo and Healthy Performance!

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Dr. Bridget Chufo and Healthy Performance!  Dr. Chufo is an experienced health and wellness professional who has helped many, many people lose weight and acheive healthier lifestyles through her nutritional supplements and balanced eating plans.  Check back often for advice and special offers from Dr. Chufo.

Find out more about Dr. Bridget Chufo

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Healthy Lifestyle Support

Tips and Resources from Dr. Bridget Chufo and Healthy Performance

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Take a few minutes to read and keep these easy tips in mind. Just making little changes can bring big, healthy results!

• Take walks after dinner
• Drink water before your meals
• Avoid portions larger than your fist
• Replace the Sunday drive with the Sunday walk
• Eat on a smaller plate
• More veggies - Less cake
• Avoid Buffets
• Wash your car by hand
• Don't skip meals
• Choose fruit for dessert
• Eat before you grocery shop
• Don't skip breakfast
• Top your cereal with fruit
• Replace your computer chair with an exercise ball
• Don't add salt
• Eat whole grains
• Choose the veggies over fries with that burger
• Skip second helpings
• Pick a hike over a movie
• Keep small weights next to your TV - and use them
• Do sit ups while watching tv
• Take breaks from the computer or homework - move around
• Dance around your house
• Park far and walk




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